Windows XP and Office 2003 Nearing End of Life

Computers currently running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system may have issues accessing systems after April 8, 2014.

  1. Microsoft will no longer provide security patches to Windows XP and Office 2003 after April 8, 2014; thus exposing your workstation (and the network) to security threats. Read more from Microsoft
  2. UNMC ITS will not globally 'block' Windows XP machines, at this time.
  3. Vendors may, however, block or discontinue application support for Windows XP users... now or in the future... check with your vendor.
  4. University of Nebraska central computing may block Windows XP users who have admin or database functionality to the Student Information System (Peoplesoft) or SAP.  Essentially anyone accessing these systems to 'work' or process data as part of their job would require the minimum operating system requirements.
  5. ITS is minimizing risk by:
    • Working with customers to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7.
    • Developing a plan for those machines that are not upgraded by end of life.
  6. ITS will aggressively address Windows XP vulnerabilities, which may include removing XP machines from the network.
  7. Customers should have a software and hardware lifecycle replacement schedule.
  8. Customers who are unable to upgrade to Windows 7 before April 8 should make sure their XP operating system is fully patched BEFORE April 8.
  9. Oh... and Server 2003 end of life is July 2015.