Heartbleed Bug

'Heartbleed' Bug Update


Update from Securing The Human (April 2014): Heartbleed:  Why Should I Care?  

ITS reviewed servers for the Heartbleed vulnerability bug. The security of UNMC information is a top priority and ITS fixed this bug early. 

So what should you do?

1.     First, don’t’ Panic.

2.     Changing your UNMC password is not required.

3.     Beware of phishing emails that ask you to verify personal information such as passwords, Social Security numbers, bank account information, etc. UNMC ITS will never ask for this information in an email (and neither should your bank!)

4.     Do not use your UNMC email and password as your log-on information to systems such as your Gmail, live.com, Amazon, eBay, banking, etc. Use a different ID and password.

5.     Apply the latest security updates to your home computer. UNMC’s Antivirus software is free for you to use on your home computer. Log into eServ – ITS – Software Downloads

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