International Travel

FAQ International Travel

Q. Who is responsible for overall administration of the International Travel policy/procedures?

A. The UNMC International Travel Coordinator is responsible for overall administration of this policy in cooperation with the departmental administrators.

Q. What is the authority for these actions?

A. Policy 6051, Computer Use and Electronic Information Security Policy and 6045, Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security Policy.

Q. What countries are affective at this time by this procedure?

A. At the present time, only travel to China is affected by this policy. However, this can change at any time. Therefore it is important for anyone traveling outside the United States to contact the International Travel Coordinator prior to traveling.

Q. How much advance time is required for a traveler to report their travel plans?

A. Travel plans must be reported at least 30 days prior to travel.

Q. Why do we have to report our travel plans?

A. Many foreign countries monitor, intercept and record electronic communications. In addition, many countries introduce viruses, Trojans and other malware onto our mobile devices without the traveler’s knowledge.

Q. What devices should be reported?

A. Any electronic communications device. This includes smart phones, laptops, flash drives, etc. Although, ITS strongly discourages travelers from taking smart phones and flash drives because it is very difficult to backup the devices. If a cell phone device is required, please contact your department regarding possibly obtaining a temporary device.

Q. What happens once travel plans are reported?

A. The International Travel Coordinator notifies the Manager, ITS Customer Support Services. When notified, ITS will generate a tracking ticket which includes the traveler’s name, department, projected departure date and return date and destination. A PC professional will contact the traveler to backup any devices the traveler is taking. All serial numbers will be recorded. Prior to departure, the mobile device will be backed up. Upon return, the device will be completely cleared and restored to the backup state. Any data saved to the device during travel will be destroyed.

Q. Who is responsible for notifying ITS when the traveler returns?

A. It is the department’s responsibility to notify ITS when the traveler returns.

Q. Are personal devices affected by this policy?

A. No. Personal devices are not affected by this policy. It is the responsibility of the traveler to protect their personal devices although UNMC ITS will assist to the extent allowed by enterprise software contracts.