One Drive for Business

Welcome to UNMC's One Drive for Business

UNMC employees and students now have access to One Drive for Business.   The documents you place on your OneDrive for Business are only available to you, unless you decide to share them with others within the organization.

What you should know about your OneDrive for Business

  1. This is a cloud storage solution where the data is stored off-site in the United States.
  2. While it is HIPAA compliant, one should still use caution in the type of data stored as well as with whom the data is shared.
  3. Deleted documents are available for 30 days in the recycle bin and then they are deleted permanently. 
  4. ITS cannot recover permanently deleted documents.

From Your Workstation or Laptop - Getting Started (.pdf document of log-in instructions)

  1. Internet Explorer is recommended; FireFox or Safari also work; Chrome does NOT work.
  2. Office 2013 is recommended and will provide the most integration; some functions will not work if you are using an earlier version of MS Office.
  3. OneDrive for Business is accessible from any computer, iPad or tablet with internet access
  4. Log in at:
  5. Enter your full UNMC email
    1. no password required on this screen
  6. You will be redirected to the UNMC sign in page
  7. Enter your UNMC NetID and password
  8. You should see your OneDrive for Business home page.

Going Mobile

Create/Edit Documents

  1. From your iPad, Tap on Safari icon
  2. Enter
  3. Follow steps 5-8 above
  4. Bookmark this page on your iPad for quick and easy access.

View documents only

  1. Download the One Drive for Business app from the app store (Not One Drive as this will be your personal account, not UNMC's)
  2. Log in using your UNMCNet ID and password.
  3. You can only 'view' documents with this app.


  1.  How to Use One Drive for Business (Video and Documentation from Microsoft)
  2. Once you are in UNMC's One Drive for Business, search for Help Center.  This is where UNMC's documentation is maintained.
  3. Other training and how to instructions are available by searching the Microsoft site.