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Welcome to Information Technology Services!

UNMC Information Technology Services is home to 120 employees serving a 500 mile campus with over 5,000 employees.

UNMC's dynamic IT environment includes an expanding research enterprise, robust educational technologies and a rapidly expanding physical campus. In addition, UNMC ITS provides comprehensive infrastructure and support services to its healthcare partners.

ITS provides:

  • comprehensive infrastructure support services for UNMC and its healthcare partners which include network design and deployment; telecommunications; data center operations; video services; information security compliance and planning; help desk customer support; and internet/intranet hosting services. 
  • innovative application development for UNMC's unique research, academic and campus business functions, as well as technical services and workstation support for UNMC's faculty, staff and students.

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Yvette Holly

Assistant Vice Chancellor
Information Technology Services

Assistant Vice Chancellor

Yvette Holly