Remote Access Change

Changes to Off-Campus Access Coming Feburary 19

A new off-campus log-in page is coming soon. (UNMC Physician log-in page will have UNMC-P Logo)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is there any more documentation about this change?

Yes, here are a few documents for your review.

One Page Summary of Changes (.pdf)
Recorded Presentation for UNMC & UNMC Physicians
Recorded Presentation for Students

Q:  Why is this change being made?

ITS is upgrading the infrastructure for Secured Remote Access Services for improved security.  All remote access must now go through Secured Remote Access Services (SSLVPN)

Q.  You say Windows 8 is not supported.  What does that really mean and what are my options?

"Not Supported" means that Windows 8 has not been fully tested with all of the enterprise applications for UNMC and its health care partners.  According to Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory company, organizations typically take up to 24 months before starting production deployment of any new version of Windows.  This enables the releases to mature and for the organization to fully test critical business applications.  Gartner reports this was the case with Windows 7. 

ITS has found that Windows 8 users who are only accessing their email through the email/limited option will typically have a good experience.  However, these same users MAY experience inconsistent performance when using ‘full access’ function which requires a grid card.  Inconsistent performance may include frequent drops and extreme slowness.  If this is the case, you will need to use a computer/laptop with Windows 7 or XP (Windows 7 preferred).

Windows 7 is the recommended operating system for the enterprise.  

Q:  I had bookmarked in my web browser as a favorite.  Now its redirecting me to another page and it looks different.  What do I do?

Users must first log into secured remote access services with their ID and password  by selecting UNMC-Email/Limited and then clicking on the UNMC Outlook Web link.  When you click on this link it will take you directly to Outlook Web Access.  You will not need to log in again.

Remove the bookmark and replace it with (for UNMC) or (for UNMC-P)

Q:  I used to be able to click on the blue email link on the front page and get directly to my email.  It’s no longer there.  What do I do?

You must first log into Secured Remote Access Services with their ID and password, and then click on the UNMC Outlook Web Access link under Web Bookmarks.   This link will take you directly to your email without having to log-in again.

Q:  I am experiencing frequent session timeouts and slow response time.

If you are using Windows 8, you may have inconsistent performance. 

Q:  I no longer have UNMC Restrict and UNMC Strong (or UNMCP Restrict or UNMCP Strong) as a drop down choice, what do I do?

UNMC Restrict has been replaced with UNMC-Email/Limited  (ID/password only – use if only accessing email from off-campus)

UNMC Strong has been replaced with UNMC Full Access (required a grid card)

NOTE:  TNMC and BMC still have “Restrict” and “Strong” as their drop down choices.  Their landing pages did not change.

Q:  Once I’ve logged into Secured Remote Access Services, and some of my bookmarks are missing, including Remote Desktop (Terminal Session)?

This is a type of ‘bookmark’.  Bookmarks created before December 1 were moved to the new platform.    Bookmarks created AFTER December 1 will need to be recreated. 

Instructions on how to create web bookmarks and terminal sessions can be found at

Updated 02/18/2013