Calendar Permissions

Training Videos:

Good short calendar permissions training course Outlook 2007 (works for 2010, but you grant access from File >

2 minute Youtube video on permissions (2010 and 2007)Calendar delegation


In order for you to manage another individual's calendar, they will need to give you "editor" rights to their calendar

Office 2010 File > Account Settings > Delegate Access > Add (select from address book (you can add multiple people)

Office 2007

uncheck "Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me"


Accessing others calendar after they have given you permission

Outlook 2010 - In calendar view, select Home tab > Open Calendar

Outlook 2007 - from your calendar view, select Open a shared calendar (in left panel)

Default View is Free/Busy.

By default for all users, free/busy time shows only when your calendar is busy, not your entries. If you wish to change, go to permissions 

Calendar default view