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Excel Tips outline Excel Tips
PowerPoint Tips Outline PowerPoint Tips
Outlook Tips outline Outlook Tips
Microsoft Access Tips outline Microsoft Access Tips
Word Tips outline Word Tips
Misc PC/Windows/Training Tips outline  Misc PC/Windows/Training Tips and Resources

Microsoft Office Handouts

Office Recordings

 Office 2013 Links to tutorial videos - NEW!!  
Useful Office 20072010 web links - demos and training  Video stream Session - Office 2007 Guided Tour (one hour - turn up volume)
Office 2007/2010 PowerPoint Presentation slides  
Whats New with Office2007/2010.pdf  
Kim's Favorite Top Ten Office 2007/2010 Features  
Solutions to Kim's Office 2007/2010 Pet Peeves  
Don't get derailed by Office 2007/2010 compatibility issues (from Tech Republic)  

Word Handouts

Word Recordings

Word 2007/2010 Basics Class Exercises .pdf Word Big Ten Tips   
Add a filename to header or footer in Word 2007/2010.pdf  
Word 2007/2010 New Features Class outline.pdf  

 Access Database Handouts

Access Recordings

Introduction to Database Management .pdf Access Big Ten Tips
Practical Database Design.pdf Database Design 7/10/2013
Access 2010 Tables Class Outline and Exercises. pdf Database Design
Access Queries Class Outline and Exercises  
Access 2007/2010 Forms Class Outline and Exercises.pdf  
Access 2007/2010 Reports class Outline and Class Exercises.pdf  

Excel Handouts

Excel Recordings & Online Courses

Excel 2007/2010 Basics Class Exercises.pdf Excel Big Ten Tips
Excel 2007/2010 New Features Class Outline.pdf Excel Data Tools (8/27/13 - only first 30 minutes recorded)
Excel 2007/2010 Charts/Graphs Class Outline Excel Charts (9/17/13)
Excel Pivot Tables Microsoft Office Online Chart Course (2007) 
Excel Data Tools  

PowerPoint Handouts

Power Point Recordings

PowerPoint 2007/2010 Basics Class Exercises.pdf Tips for Improving PowerPoint Presentations (8/2013)
PowerPoint 2007/2010 New Features Class Outline.pdf Extreme PowerPoint Makeovers
PowerPoint 2007/2010 Graphics/Images .pdf PowerPoint Big Ten Tips 
Avoid Making a Big Fat Geeky PowerPoint Presentation.pdf Microsoft Office Online PowerPoint courses
 Tips for Improving PowerPoint Presentations (8/2013)  
PowerPoint Background Makeovers .pdf  
Discovering PPT Secrets.pdf  
Before and After Samples.pdf  

Posters with PowerPoint

Posters - Recorded Sessions

Scientific Posters 2012 . pdf Posters with Power Point - Part 1
Brand Identity Guide for Scientific Posters .pdf Posters with Power Point - Part 2
Poster Class Outline . pdf  Scientific Posters with PowerPoint (Oct 2013) 1:15 hr.
Scientific Posters using PowerPoint . pdf  
Printing Services Power Point Presentation . pdf  

 OneNote Handouts

 OneNote Recordings

 OneNote Class topics - 9/5/13  OneNote Basics presentation - 9/5/13 (about 1 hr)
 OneNote links of video training resources 


Other Online Tutorials

  Adobe Recordings

Microsoft Office Training - all versions (including Mac)

Microsoft Office Training for the Mac

Microsoft 15 minute Blogs – variety of topics

Microsoft E-Learning Courses - longer training resources, requiring registration and Microsoft Live ID. Instructions at this link. Large listing of courses in many languages.