Keeping you Cyber-Secure at UNMC

According to Sharon Welna, ITS associate director, ITS follows the best industry practices available to protect network vulnerability and regularly evaluates new security products for implementation. The department daily monitors all network security recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security and others, and has implemented an encrypted email solution to protect sensitive patient information. In addition, ITS provides anti-virus software for every computer and Microsoft offers automatic security updates for personal computers once a month.

However, Welna said each individual must be individually responsible for his or her behaviors and actions. ITS offers these basic tips to protect your campus workstation and the computer network.

  • Reboot your computer regularly to ensure the security updates are installed. Rebooting is like locking the door. If you don’t lock your door, it doesn't make any difference.
  • Use caution when opening e-mail attachments. Only open those from known organization. It is very common for computer viruses to be spread via e-mail and they can be very damaging to your workstation.
  • Use strong passwords to include numbers AND letters AND special characters and change them regularly.
  • Familiarize yourself with security and privacy policies and procedures.

Still, Welna said security is only as good as the weakest link and everyone must do his or her part to help. “Security is not a project – it’s a process.”

Employees suspecting either privacy or security violations should contact Sheila Wrobel, privacy officer, or Sharon Welna, security officer.

"Security is not a project -- it's a process!"