Outlook Email Productivity Tools and Topics

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Best practices Microsoft:  Best Practices (42 Pages)
Conditional formatting Microsoft:  Automatically change incoming message colors, and fonts based on sender, subject or recipients
Keyboard shortcuts Microsoft:  Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts for Email
Getting organized Microsoft:  Get Organized 7 ways to better sort, store and search your email
Microsoft:  How Harry Got Organized (Microsoft tip)
ITS Handout: Management and Productivity Tools
Inbox Management Tips Microsoft:  Mailbox Management 1 (5 minute video clip)
Microsoft:  Taming Your Inbox (Using Conversations)
Microsoft:  Empty Your Inbox (4 ways to control your email)
YouTube:  Take your inbox to Zero (5 min YouTube video)
ITS Handout:  Outlook Cleanup Tools
ITS Class:  Email & Productivity Tips (recorded session from faculty meeting)
Quicksteps YouTube:  How to use the Quick Step Command (6 minutes)
Make sure your email gets read Microsoft:  6 ways to ensure your email gets read
Message Shortcuts ITS Handout:  Message Shortcuts
Tasks Microsoft:  6 ways to streamline your tasks in Outlook
"Canned messages" using Drafts folder Addictivetips:  Creating Canned Messages in Outlook 2010
File organization tips Microsoft: 9 ideas for managing files and folders