Wait on Windows 8

ITS will not be deploying Windows 8 Enterprise-Wide

While Microsoft Windows 8 has hit the consumer market, enterprise deployment for many organization will take many months.  According to Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory company, organizations typically take up to 24 months before starting production deployment of any new version of Windows.  This enables the releases to mature and for the organization to fully test critical business applications. 

Gartner reports this was the case with Windows 7.

UNMC ITS will not be deploying Windows 8 enterprise-wide and does not currently support Windows 8. 

"Not Supported" means that Windows 8 has not been fully tested with all of the enterprise applications for UNMC and its health care partners.  It also means that ITS is not prepared to help users install and/or troubleshoot Windows 8 problems.  

Customers who choose to use Windows 8 may have a very inconsistent performance.  Windows 7 is the recommended operating system for the enterprise. 

Here is what we know so far about Windows 8 in the UNMC environment.

  1. Secured Remote Access Services.  Customers may have an inconsistent experience with significant slowness and dropped connections, especially when using 'full access' or 'restrict' with a grid card.
  2. UNMC's secured wireless (such as TK-421); issues connected to the secured on-campus wireless network.   Guest wireless does not appear to be impacted.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2749073
  3. EPIC One Chart & Subsystems.  Windows 8 is not supported.

 Updated 1/18/2013