Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

All UNMC faculty, staff and students are automatically given Microsoft Lync Instant Messaging.

  1. UserID is your complete UNMC email address:
  2. Password is the same as your email.
  3. Available from off-campus (UNMC to UNMC)
  4. Not available between UNMC and the clinical enterprise.
  5. UNMC instant messaging is not available for affiliate accounts, emeritus, generic/shared accounts or members of UNMC Physicians and the clinical enterprise.

First, Download and Install Microsoft Lync Instant Messaging

... for Windows

Setup Instructions for Windows - Requires software download from eServ (included in instructions)

... for Macs

One-time manual setup instructions for Mac OS - Does not require software download from eServ

... for iPad, Smartphone

Search for Lync 2013 in your app store.  Follow app install instructions.

Repeat from each computer or ipad/smartphone from which you want to use instant messaging

Second, Learn to Use Lync Instant Messaging