Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

All UNMC faculty, staff and students are automatically given Microsoft Lync Instant Messaging.

  1. UserID is your complete UNMC email address:
  2. Password is the same as your email.
  3. Available between UNMC and the clinical enterprise.
  4. Lync Instant Messaging is the only approved secured texting solution for patient care.
  5. UNMC instant messaging is not available for affiliate accounts, emeritus, or generic/shared accounts.

First, Download and Install Microsoft Lync Instant Messaging

... for Windows

Setup Instructions for Windows - Requires software download from eServ (included in instructions)

... for Macs

One-time manual setup instructions for Mac OS - Does not require software download from eServ

... for iPad, Smartphone

Search for Lync 2013 in your app store or get it on Google Play.  Follow app install instructions.

Repeat from each computer or ipad/smartphone from which you want to use instant messaging

Second, Learn to Use Lync Instant Messaging