Asset Tracking for Sensitive Items

ITS Procedure: Asset Tracking for Sensitive Equipment

Effective:  September 1, 2012
Updated:  March 1, 2013 (to include naming convention)

The following procedure will be followed to track sensitive asset items which are defined as laptops, tablets and towers that are permanently located in an employee's home for work related purposes. 

This does not include tracking of smart phones purchased through UNMC purchasing.

This will cover sensitive items for the unit of Information Technology Services as well as those units covered under formal Workstation Support Service Level Agreements.  Units with their own IT system administrators are responsible for defining a process for their respective area.

Purchasing Sensitive Items

  1. Dell  orders will be processed by Marla Hopson
  2. Apple orders will be processed by Mike Dierks
  3. Delivery Location for all orders is AX10 Room 2061

Receipt of Sensitive Items

  1. Data Installation Services Responsibilities
    1. Scan the following data elements into Altiris (Serial Number; and PO/Cost Center if available)
      1. Dell Orders -- The PO on the packing slip is really the cost center.
      2. Apple Orders will have a PO, but no cost center visible.
    2. Computer Name will temporarily be assigned to the WSG Staff Member in the following format WSG Last Name - WO Number (Labrie WO123456)
    3. Email the WSG that the items are ready for install.
    4. Asset Tracking Instructions for Data Installation Services
  2. WSG Responsibilities
    1. Sensitive Items Not Connected to the Domain
      1. Find record in system
      2. Rename Computer Name (Dept Initials - Device Common Name - Last 5 Characters of Serial Number (i.e. IM-iPad-EDJ8R)
      3. Enter Asset Owner
      4. Encrypt device and note such in Altiris
      5. No agent is installed
    2. Sensitive Items Connected To the Domain
        1. Find record in System
        2. Rename the computer name according to ITS standards (Dept Initials - Building Identifier - Room Number (i.e. IM-MSB5511 or IT-AX102083)
        3. Install the Altiris Agent
        4. Encrypt device and note such in Altiris.
        5. Finish entering data elements Altiris which includes (specify elements)
        6. The Altiris Agent will then capture the remaining data elements.
    3. Data Elements to be Captured
      1. Asset Status (should be active)
      2. Extended Location Information (on campus or off-home; include building and room numbers)
      3. Sensitive item (check sensitive item box)
      4. Location (pull down to select choice of home for off-campus equipment
      5. Manufacturer
      6. Model
      7. Asset Owners
      8. Serial Number
    4. Naming Convention for Sensitive Items
      1. DEPARTMENT (up to 4 characters)-TYPE OF DEVICE-USERNAME or Portions OF A SERIAL NUMBER
      2. No More than 15 characters if connects to the network
        1. Examples:
        3. ITS-IPAD-1a2b3c