Name Change & My NetID

My name has changed and I want to change my UNMC NetID

Your ID is based upon your first and last name. 

If you've had a name change and would also like your UNMC NetID changed, email ITS System Access at You will be notified by ITS System Access once your request is received.

Your request will not be processed until ITS verifies the change has been made in SAP for employees or PeopleSoft for students.  A change in SAP or PeopleSoft does NOT automatically change your NetID.  You must initiate the NetID name change request separately.

A name change will impact your NetID to the following systems (your passwords will not change):

  • email (this will change your existing email account so anything sent to your old email address will be returned as UNDELIVERABLE)
  • campus network drives and printers; and wireless network
  • Blackboard
  • UNMC Intranet
  • Student Information System
  • McGoogan Library electronic resources
  • UNMC Research Support Systems (RSS)
  • CARE (Campus Records for Students)
  • Other web applications such as Employee Services (eServ) and Management Resources.
  • One Chart and Learning Connections (ITS will notify(
  • Firefly (Firefly is a University-wide application run by Central Administration.  It may take several days for this to be refreshed and pick up your new NetID)