iPads & One Chart

Access to One Chart via iPad

Complete Instructions - Access to One Chart via iPad

The above instructions were performed on an iPad 2 using iOS v.5.1 with Citrix Receiver v5.5.1 (build 56).

For off campus use you must install the Junos Pulse application v3.0.3.17311. 

Other iOS/application versions prior to than listed above are unsupported.

Applications Required

  • Citrix Receiver (free download from App Store)
  • Junos Pulse (if accessing One Chart remotely, free download from App store)


  • Credential pass-through is unsupported on iPad, users will be required to log-in to both the Receiver application and to One Chart
  • Users will always receive the “Generic LWS Red Screen” when using the iPad shown in step 16.  This also means printing is not supported from the iPad.