Personal Purchases

Discount Programs for Personal Use

Microsoft Products

UNMC faculty and staff have two options to purchase Microsoft Office.  The Microsoft Operating System is not available for personal purchases.
  1. Software License Ownership.  Visit the UNMC Bookstore for discounted software pricing.
  2. Microsoft Office Subscription (4 year subscription for about $80).   Purchase from the On The Hub WebStore.
    1. All purchases are between the customer and Microsoft.
    2. Specific questions about purchases, refunds, must be directed to the customer support information provided on their website.
  3. Microsoft Home Use Program for Office 2013.  Employee's can purchase MS Office 2013 through this program.  This is a right to use while you are an active UNMC Faculty/Staff employee.  (Approximately $10) Read the details of this program carefully as faculty/staff assume full responsibility for complying with the license agreement.
    1. Log into Employee Services (eServ) with your UNMC Net ID and password to get the purchase instructions and program code.
    2. Office 2013 ONLY; Does not work with Windows XP
    3. The purchase is between the customer and Microsoft, not ITS.  Refunds and questions will need to be directed to Microsoft by calling/emailing the customer support information provided on the purchase site.
    4. A backup software DVD can be purchased for an additional cost.  This will be mailed to your home.
    5. Microsoft Operating Systems are NOT a part of the HUP; only Microsoft Office 2013.
    6. UNMC Physicians has their own HUP.  Contact Brian Prell if you are a UNMC-P employee.
    7. Contact Kim Strohbehn at 402-559-5678 with eligibility questions.  NOT AVAILALBE TO STUDENTS.

 Dell Purchases

The Dell Employee Purchase Program is for UNMC, UNMCP employees and students of UNMC.
Employee Purchase Program Welcome Letter
Employee Purchase Program Flier

 Cell Phone Plans

Discounted Verizon cell phone plans are available for personal use. Go to the UNMC Purchasing Website for more information. (Cell Phones are handled through UNMC Purchasing).