CEMR Remote Access Help

Start here...

From any browser type in:  https://secure.unmc.edu/cemr

Log-in Screen

The Secure Access Service Log-in Screen appears like this.


Enter your log-in ID and password. 

Remote Access Requests

New Requests

You must first request and be approved to receive an eGrid card. 
I want to request remote access

Lost Grid Card

I want to replace my lost eGrid card.  (Lost eGrid cards are treated like a new request.  A replacement processing fee will apply.)

Download, Print & Activate My Grid Card

New eGrid Card (First time request or replacement)
New Grid Card for House Officers
Expiring eGrid Card Replacement

Helpful Hints

You will not receive a new plastic card, but only a printed copy.  Here are some options to 'take your grid card with you'

  1. take a picture of your new grid card with your smart phone (keep your passwords separate from the grid card)
  2. place the paper copy with your ID badge in a plastic card holder.
  3. keep an extra copy at home by your home computer (again, keep passwords separate)
  4. laminate the paper copy