CEMR Remote Access Help

Start here...

From any browser type in:  https://secure.unmc.edu/cemr

Log-in Screen

The Secure Access Service Log-in Screen appears like this.


Enter your log-in ID and password. 

Remote Access Requests

New Requests

You must first request and be approved to receive an eGrid card. 
I want to request remote access

Lost Grid Card

I want to replace my lost eGrid card.  (Lost eGrid cards are treated like a new request.  A replacement processing fee will apply.)

Download, Print & Activate My Grid Card

New eGrid Card (First time request or replacement)
New Grid Card for House Officers
Expiring eGrid Card Replacement
Employees Transitioning to Nebraska Medicine (For Dec 2014)

Helpful Hints

You will not receive a new plastic card, but only a printed copy.  Here are some options to 'take your grid card with you'

  1. take a picture of your new grid card with your smart phone (keep your passwords separate from the grid card)
  2. place the paper copy with your ID badge in a plastic card holder.
  3. keep an extra copy at home by your home computer (again, keep passwords separate)
  4. laminate the paper copy