Wireless Networks

UNMC Omaha and Lincoln campuses have two wireless networks:  Secured (TK-421) and Guest.  

Secured Wireless

Guest Wireless

Faculty, staff and students should use the Secured Wireless Network, called TK-421, when working on the Omaha and Lincoln campuses. TK-421 is a closed wireless network and offers faster speeds and security. One-time setup is required and you will use your UNMC NetID and Password for this setup.

  1. Windows - Manual Setup Instructions (One-time Setup Only)
  2. Windows - Auto Setup
    1. Using the device you wish to configure.
    2. Connect to any wireless network (Guest, your home wireless network, etc.)
    3. Go to http://www.unmc.edu/its/wireless (this site).
    4. Click here:  Proceed with Auto Setup for Secured Wireless (TK-421) (this will only take a couple seconds)
      1. Click 'run' in response 'do you trust this source' 
    5. Enter UNMC NetID and password when prompted. 
    6. Reboot
    7. Reconnect to TK-421  
  3. MacOS 10.6  (One-time Setup) (Auto setup is not available for Macs)

  4. MacOS 10.7 & 10.8 (One-time Setup)

Guest wireless in available to patients, visitors and vendors to use while on the Omaha campus.  It is considered a public unsecured wireless network.  To connect to the Guest network

  1. Install your wireless hardware per manufacture’s instructions and reboot if directed to do so.
  2. Make sure you do not have any hardware conflicts.  These will show as a Yellow exclamation point or question mark on the device in Device Manager. Your device will not work until you have dealt with these conflicts.
  3. Once you’ve rebooted you should now be able to connect.  You should get a message on the Desktop (lower right hand corner) that says something to the effect of  “A Wireless Network has been detected”
  4. Double-click on the balloon message.
  5. Double-click on the “Guest” network.
Trivia:  If you are a Star Wars geek, you will recognize TK-421 as the storm trooper who went missing during one of the galactic show downs.  TK-421 (and TK-422) were ambushed by Han Solo and stripped of their armor to conceal Han and Luke's identities aboard the Death Star.  "TK-421, do you copy?"  Okay, now for real work.

I want Wireless in My Office

Faculty and staff should not install their own wireless access points.  Introducing access points into the network is like installing new doors or windows without locks on a building without ever telling the owner. Access points which have been set up without ITS involvement, may not be properly secured from the Internet and other potential rogue users. If not managed properly, they could be a direct violation of several of the HIPAA security regulations and pose significant risk to the integrity of the network system.

Departments interested in wireless should contact the ITS Coordinators (9-3000). ITS handles each wireless request on a case-by-case basis. 

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