Work Schedules

Information Technology Services – Business Operating Procedure

Effective Date:   November 30, 2007

Last Update:  October 11, 2011

Contact the ITS Administrator at 402-559-5678 with questions.

Basis for Procedure:  

In an effort to provide a flexible work environment the following guidelines are provided for administering flextime work schedules within the ITS environment. Related UNMC Policies & Procedures:  UNMC Policy 1005:  Work Schedules 

ITS Procedure:

Per the UNMC employee guidelines, all UNMC employees will have an established work schedule that is reviewed and approved by their immediate supervisor. The three types of ITS work schedules are “normal”, “flextime” and “data center operations”. Deviations from the established work schedule should be approved in advance by the employee’s immediate supervisor. 

  1. Required Hours of Work.   By statute of the State of Nebraska, all regular, full-time employees are required to work “…not less than forty hours of labor each week.”   This applies whether the employee is designated as Exempt (monthly payroll) or Non-exempt (bi-weekly payroll).  
  2. Normal Schedule. UNMC policy defines a normal work schedule to be Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (1 hour unpaid lunch).
  3. Flextime Schedule.  Per UNMC policy, if an employee’s work schedule varies from the normal schedule it is considered flextime scheduling.  Flextime may be initiated by the associate director to meet business needs or requested by an employee.  When it is possible to do so without decreasing work efficiency, supervisors are encouraged to consider employee request for flexible scheduling.  UNMC ITS will consider the following factors when defining and approving flextime schedules. 
    1. Current staffing levels of the work team and business need.  
    2. For consistency of staffing levels and work efficiencies, all flextime schedules will be reviewed and approved by the associate director prior to an adjusted work schedule. 
    3. Flextime requests outside of a Monday-Friday, 6 am – 6 pm time frame will also require approval of the associate vice chancellor of information technology services; data center staffing excluded.
    4. Per UNMC policy, flextime privileges may be removed if there is a change in staffing, business need, are abused or interfere with operational efficiencies.  The employee will be given as much notice as possible in these instances.                               
  4. Each associate director is responsible for managing the flextime schedules within their teams.
    Data Center Operations Work Schedule.  ITS staff employed within the ITS data center will follow the established work schedule procedures for their unique 24x7x365 operation.  See the Data Center Work Schedule business operating procedure.
  5. Call in Procedures for Late Arrivals and Unplanned Absences.  UNMC policy requires employees to notify their immediate supervisor as soon as they know they are not able to report to work or are going to be late.  Specific notification procedures are established by each ITS associate director in accordance with their unique business needs. 
  6. Employees are expected to submit the appropriate leave for hours not worked through the Firefly Employee Self Service application.    This should be done in a timely manner.

Alternate work site arrangements will only be considered on a case-by-case basis and will require written approval by the ITS assistant vice chancellor and UNMC Human Resources.

Attendance is expected to be reliable and prompt.