Special Collections

Special Collections and Rare Book Rooms

The office of the Head of Special Collections is located in the northeast corner of the 8th floor, inside room 8000, in room 8000A. Rare and historical books, archival materials, historical artifacts, and art work, are all the responsibility of the Special Collections Department and are located in room 8000A or in the Rare Book Rooms. All library catalog entries with the location "Rare Book Rooms" are located on the 8th floor. Please contact John Schleicher by email or 402-559-7094 to make an appointment for access to the rare book rooms, or to have specific rare or historical books pulled ahead of your visit to the library. A library staff member must always accompany anyone using the rare book rooms and rare book collections.

South Rare Book Room

The south rare book room is the rare book reading room. It contains printed works from the late 15th century through the 18th century, as well as the first half of the Orr Collection (see below).

south rare book room

North Rare Book Room

The north rare book room is a closed stacks area, which contains primarily 19th century books, as well as the second half of the Orr Collection.