Results from 2012 Earth Week Activities and Events:

  • More than 25 people attended the tree planting ceremony on campus.
  • The total combined number of people from UNMC and TNMC taking the Pledge increased to 3,558.
  • Approximately 175 TerraCycle bins were requested from both UNMC and TNMC in an effort to recycle writing instruments across campus.
  • 300 reusable bags and 700 compostable plates were distributed at 2012 Culture Fest.
  • 20 volunteers picked up 15 bags of trash across campus on Campus Clean Up Day.
  • 3,600 pounds of electronics and 4,000 pounds of paper were collected to be recycled.  This is the equivalent to 3 average-size giraffes.  These efforts prevent 11 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere which is the equivalent of not consuming 1,230 gallons of gasoline!