The LiveGreen campaign began in December, 2010. To date, the committee has completed the following:

  • Generated a list of over 100 initiatives.
  • Working with Verdis Group and TNMC to support a unified, campus wide message.
  • Recruited over 80 volunteers.
  • Conducted an Energy Awareness Survey.
  • Educate employees on energy systems and use on campus.
  • Provide LiveGreen and recycling information at new employee orientation.
  • Help promote various Facilities projects and initiatives.
  • Created a LiveGreen website that contains helpful information and tips.
  • Celebrated Earth Day with week long events and promoted General Supply's electronic recycling program in which over 2.3 tons of electronic equipment was collected. This translates into a savings of 7,500 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere or saving approximately 1,300 gallons of gas.
  • Conducted a pledge in which 21% of employees and staff participated to save energy and natural resources. If 75% of the pledgees follow through with their pledged tasks, and non-pledgees don't perform the actions, then UNMC will appreciate a cost avoidance of approximately $65,000.00 per year at 2011 utility prices. This is a savings of 661.4 metric tons of CO2 or the equivalent of taking 130 cars off the road for a year or the emissions produced by consuming 74,145 gallons of gas.
  • During a heat wave in July, 2011, the employees and staff were asked to help with energy curtailment. They were requested to take part in simple tasks such as turning off lights, turning off and unplugging equipment not in use and closing blinds. These small actions created a cost avoidance of $250,000.00, reduced the stress on the campus cooling systems, and avoided creating a new peak in energy use.
  • Conducted a Flip the Switch initiative.  LiveGreen volunteers placed Flip the Switch stickers above light switches throughout the entire campus.  The stickers serve as a friendly reminder to individuals to turn off lights when not needed and in unoccupied areas.
  • Initiated a Shut the Sash campaign that educates and encourages employees to close fume hood sashes when not in use and at the end of each day.  This will result in energy and financial savings for the campus.
  • UNMC purchased a permanent chiller for the ice rink.  The new chiller is more energy efficient than the previous rented chiller.