Household Electronics Recycling and Paper Shredding

Household Electronics Recycling Event

As part of Earth Week, employees and students from UNMC and The Nebraska Medical Center can bring their old household electronic equipment to campus on Friday, April 20 for these items to be properly recycled or remanufactured.  The items will be collected in the west parking lot of The Recovery Room Bar and Grill on 41st and Leavenworth Streets from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Employees are strongly encouraged to drop off their items by walking over to the site. However, if employees have large items or prefer to drop off their household electronic equipment by car, they are welcome to drive.  Please be aware that items are subject to a small recycling fee due to the fact that these items may potentially contain hazardous materials that necessitate specific handling and recycling procedures to prevent negative impacts to the environment.  You can pay this small recycling fee by cash or check.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event?
The event takes place on Friday, April 20 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Where does the event take place?
The event will be held in the west parking lot of The Recovery Room Bar & Grill at 41st and Leavenworth Streets. Please view a campus map to see the location.

What can you bring and is there a recycling fee?
You can bring anything that is plugged in, uses batteries or has a circuit board.  Below is a list of items you can drop off. Some items have a recycling fee associated with them because they potentially contain hazardous materials, and require special handling procedures to safely dispose of the dangerous elements and to recycle the nonhazardous parts.

Recycling Fees:

TVs and monitors with a screen up to approximately 20 inches               $8

TVs and monitors with a screen 21 inches or larger                                 $15

All other electronic items (see list below)                                                $1

Sony products (one per carload)                                                             no charge

If you bring an item that requires a recycling fee, how do you pay?
For items that have a recycling fee associated with them, you can pay by cash or check when you drop off the items.

Should you walk or drive over to drop off my electronic items?
To limit traffic congestion in the area, we strongly encourage you to drop off your items by walking over to west parking lot of The Recovery Room Bar & Grill.  However, if you have large items or prefer to drop off your items by car, you are welcome to drive over. 

Will someone be available to help unload your car if you have heavy items?
Yes! Metech Recycling employees, as well as Energy Advocate and UNMC LiveGreen volunteers, will be available to assist people who are dropping of items by foot or car. 

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of the event?
This event will take place rain or shine in the west parking lot of The Recovery Room Bar & Grill.

If you drop off a computer, will the hard drive be destroyed?
Yes! Metech Recycling provides secure shredding of all data containing devices so that personal information cannot be accessed.

Should you bring in your old electronic WORK equipment as well?
No. This event is only for your personal, household electronic equipment.  Please do not bring old or obsolete electronic equipment from The Nebraska Medical Center or UNMC to this event.

If you have electronic items to recycle and you can’t make it on April 20th, what can you do?
UNMC’s General Supply department will accept personal items year round.  Please just call ahead to make arrangements to recycle your items.

What company is collecting the electronic items and what happens to them items?
Metech Recycling is a certified e-Steward Recycler. Over 95 percent of all materials collected will be safely remanufactured or recycled to be used in other products. For more information, visit Metech’s website at

Items Accepted: The following items are accepted for responsible recycling.  If you have questions about an item shone on the list, please contact the office at Metech.

Audio and Video Tapes Batteries Cameras
Cell Phones Circuit Boards Complete Computer Systems
Computer Mouse Copy Machines CPU (tower)
Data Cartridge DLT Tapes Docking Stations
External CD-ROM drives External Modems Fax Machines
Floppy Drives Hard Drives Keyboards
L.C.D. Flat Screens Laptops Main Frames
Matrix Switch/ Multiplexers Microwaves Monitors
Office Printers Overhead Projectors Palm Pilot or Other Handheld Device
Power Supply Reel-To-Reel Tape decks Scanners
Servers (depending on size) Slide Projectors Stereos
Stereo Speakers Switch/HUB devices Tape Drives
Telephone Systems Televisions Terminal
Typewriters UPS Back-Ups/Batteries VCR/DVD Players
Video Recorders Work Stations