UNMC's Sustainability Master Plan

UNMC’s Sustainability Master Plan:


UNMC LiveGreen is excited to announce the development of a Sustainability Master Plan that will guide UNMC in its effort to reduce resource and energy consumption. The plan will be developed by Verdis Group, a local sustainability consulting company that has been working with UNMC’s LiveGreen team for the past 18 months and helped create a Sustainability Master Plan for The Nebraska Medical Center.


The process for developing the plan will take four months (ending on November 30, 2012) and involves administering a campus-wide survey, data collection, site visits, stakeholder engagement, and research. The plan will address many areas of campus sustainability including energy, water, materials, waste, recycling, transportation, campus planning, purchasing, sustainable sites, food services, and information technology. Verdis Group will leverage its past work for UNMC to develop a responsive, custom plan that sets forth goals in each of the areas above, as well as provides a strategy-based action plan to achieve those goals.


If you would like to share any specific input for consideration in this plan, please complete UNMC’s online sustainability survey that will be open through the end of September or submit your feedback to the UNMC LiveGreen team by emailing livegreen@unmc.edu.