DNA Requirements and Isolation
We require 100-200ng DNA quantitated by Picogreen or Nanodrop and dried down in 96-well plates. Per 96-well plate, we recommend duplicating 5 samples and including two empty wells for positive and negative control samples. DNA must be eluted in water as TE may interfere with the genotyping assay. A260:280 of 1.7-2.0 is required for Sequenom genotyping unless the user agrees to assay these samples at their own risk. Users are responsible for providing documented, high-quality DNA for genotyping assays. Investigators can retain the labs services to quantitate the DNA after which time only samples meeting stringent QC will be genotyped.

Sample Type Isolation Kit
Blood (200 ul) Qiagen QiaAMP mini #51304
Blood (2 ml) Qiagen QiaAMP midi #51183
Blood (2-10 ml) Qiagen QiaAMP maxi #51192
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