Initiating a Genotyping Project

  1. Investigator sets up consultation with Director of the Facility. During this consultation, the Sequenom chemistry is discussed, the genes and SNPs for analysis identified, the number of samples determined and a cost estimate for the project generated.
  2. Investigator provides an electronically submitted DNA sample list with rs identifiers and SNP flanking sequence in an excel file format. Instructions will be provided.
  3. Facility will design genotyping assays, and order primers.
  4. Investigator provides high quality genomic DNA in 96-well format. See sample requirements for details. A test genotyping run for each plex will be performed.
  5. A second meeting will occur after this trial run to discuss results. Depending on those results, we will either proceed with full-scale genotyping or consider alternative genotyping methods as necessary.
  6. Results include genotypes with the sample codes and a summary of success rates and Hardy Weinberg Disequilibrium. Results will be emailed to the investigator, or if requested, a CD of the results will be prepared.