• Total cost of the genotyping project is calculated based on the “Assay Design and Primer Cost” plus the “Sequenom Genotyping Cost”. The definition of a “Plex” is the number of SNPs assayed per well.
    Code Description Price per SNP
    Primer001 Primers and Assay Design (up to 1152 samples) $37.00
    Primer002 Primers and Assay Design (1153-2688 samples) $39.00
    Primer003 Primers and Assay Design (2689-6912 samples) $41.00
    Primer004 Primers and Assay Design (>6913 samples) $53.00
  • Assay Design and Primer Cost: The facility will design multiplex assays based on the SNPs requested by the investigator and order the primers.
  • Sequenom Genotyping Cost: The price per sample is $4.75/plex. The price per genotype is dependent on the size of the plex designed. We currently design assays with up to 30 SNPSs per plex. The facility will provide reagents for PCR and extension reactions, spot samples, run mass spectrometry and analyze genotypes.