Autism in Military Families

PI: Wayne Fisher, PhD
Project Title: Using Technology to Expand and Enhance Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs for Children with Autism in Military Families
Grant Agency: Department of Defense (DOD) Autism Research Program (ARP) of the office of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)
Award: $1,484,979

This project consists of a three-experiment program designed to demonstrate how the latest telemedicine and web-based technologies can be used to greatly increase the availability of highly effective applied behavior analysis treatment for military-dependent children with ASDs. Individuals will receive either training in person or through telemedicine technologies.

Currently, families who do not live near a well-trained ABA professional may experience long delays before receiving services or not receive intervention services at all. By evaluating a technology enhanced treatment delivery model, military families will be able to receive empirically supported treatment services in a timely manner anywhere in the world. This is particularly relevant for families living oversees in countries where ABA-based services are not available. Also, by providing training to therapists to implement ABA programs using a web-based model, these trained individuals may be able to work with other families in the military who have children with an ASD diagnosis. That is, this project will greatly increase the number of well-trained therapists in areas around many military bases.