What Is the Severe Behavior Disorders Program?
Center for Autism Severe Behavior Program ServicesA major focus of the Severe Behavior Disorders Program in the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders is to provide specialized services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities who display destructive behavior, such as, aggression, self-injury, pica, or property destruction. These problems occur in about 10–15% of children with developmental disabilities. Children displaying severe behavior problems may:

  • pose significant health risks to self and others
  • interrupt learning and development
  • cause immeasurable stress and hardship to families
  • be at risk for long-term institutionalization

A substantial and growing body of research has shown that behavioral treatments designed with consideration of the cause(s) of problem behavior are more effective than arbitrarily selected treatments. The Severe Behavior Disorders Program determines the cause(s) of problem behavior through functional analysis. Functional analysis results are then used to design individually tailored treatments for each child’s problem behavior. During treatment, children are often taught socially appropriate ways to interact with parents and caregivers through functional communication training (FCT). 

What Types of Services Are Offered?
The Severe Behavior Disorders Program offers services including evaluation, outpatient services, and a day treatment program. Each child moves through the program based on his or her individual needs. 

Who does the Severe Behavior Disorders Program Serve?
The program provides services to school-aged children (ages 3–21) who display severe behavior problems, such as, aggression, self-injury, pica, or property destruction that pose a significant risk to self, others, or the environment and cannot be safely managed or effectively treated in a less-intensive program.

What Treatment Approach is Used?
During therapy sessions, techniques are used to identify environmental variables that may be contributing to the behavior problem. Trained therapists, as well as the child’s caregivers, conduct sessions to directly test the effects of specific environmental precursors and consequences on the behavior. A specialized therapeutic environment is used to allow safe evaluation of dangerous behavior. Padded treatment rooms with one-way windows for observation are used to allow safe evaluation of behavior.

Data are collected in order to guide assessment and development of treatment. Treatment is refined until goals are achieved. Psychologists with specialty training oversee all therapy sessions. 

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