Children's Metabolic Clinic

The Children’s Metabolic Clinic includes a visit with one of two geneticists and/or an APRN, a genetic counselor, a dietician, and if needed you may also meet with a social worker. Clinic is held every Tuesday.

Typical reasons for referral include:

  • Abnormal imaging studies or muscle biopsies suggestive of a metabolic condition
  • Abnormal newborn screen
  • Known metabolic disorder
  • Labs suggestive of metabolic condition (elevated lactic acid, abnormal urine organic acids, abnormal plasma amino acids, etc)
  • Regression / unexplained loss of skills
  • Unexplained seizures, episodes of vomiting, food aversions

Richard Lutz, MD
William Rizzo, MD
Julianne Hartmann, MS, CGC

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