Temple Syndrome/Maternal UPD 14

Test name:  Temple syndrome/Maternal UPD 14 (MatUPD 14)
Also known as: Methylation 14, Uniparental disomy (UPD) by UPD Array   

Indications: Clinical features may include prematurity, IUGR, low birth weight, short stature, hypotonia, hyperextensible joints, small hands and feet, cryptorchidism and micropenis, kyphoscoliosis, and mild truncal obesity. Mild to moderate motor delays with normal to moderate intellectual disability have been seen with Temple syndrome. Health concerns seen more commonly with Temple syndrome may include otitis media, hypercholesterolemia, advanced bone age, precocious puberty, postnatal hydrocephalus and prominent forehead.

Test Information: Temple syndrome is caused by absence of the paternal copy of chromosome region 14q32.2.

Name of Test  Method
Methylation 14
  • Methylation specific PCR for the 14q32 critical region upstream from the MEG3 promoter following bisulfite modification of DNA
Uniparental disomy (UPD) study

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Specimen requirements:

  • One 2-5 ml whole blood sodium heparin (green top) tube AND one 2-5 ml whole blood EDTA (purple top) tube*
    *If newborn/limited blood – one sodium heparin (green top) tube with 1ml minimum

CPT codes:  83890(x4), 83892(x4), 83894(x4), 83896(x4), 83898(x2), 83900(x2)
*Unless using stored DNA from a prior sample, the following DNA Extraction codes (83891, 83894, 83907, 84311) will also apply once for microarray/molecular testing.

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Shipping & Handling

Required forms: Postnatal Test Request Form

Turn-around time: Results are typically available in 4 weeks

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