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Client billing is the most efficient way to order testing from our laboratory. 
This eliminates the need for you to provide patient billing and insurance information.  This simplifies the ordering and testing process, and eliminates delays. 

If you wish to have our laboratory bill your patient's insurance, please check with your patient’s insurance provider to see if pre-authorization for genetic studies is required.

Verifying coverage requirements or obtaining pre-authorization PRIOR TO OR AT THE TIME OF SPECIMEN COLLECTION is increasingly required by insurance providers.

NOTE: Genetic testing is best covered by insurance when medical necessity is established. Genetic testing is considered medically necessary when all of the following are met:

1)     The results of the test will assist in diagnosis; and

2)      The result of the test will directly impact the treatment being delivered to the member; and

3)      After history, physical examination, pedigree analysis, genetic counseling, and completion of conventional diagnostic studies, a definitive diagnosis remains uncertain.

Access Local Coverage Determination (LCD) for Cytogenetic Studies (provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) for CMS Coverage Policy for Cytogenetic studies (L30487).

NOTE: The Human Genetics Laboratory must bill hospitals for all Medicare hospital inpatient testing or for patients living in skilled nursing facilities (SNF).

For current codes, please reference individual test pages found within the Test Catalog.

Call 402-559-5699 for CPT code and insurance preauthorization assistance
Call 402-559-5572 to set up a client account or for billing assistance


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