Pregnancy Loss Microarray

Test name:  Pregnancy Loss Microarray
Also known as: POC Array

Indications: Pregnancy loss at any gestational age

Test Information:

  • A 180K SNP/oligo platform evaluates a pregnancy loss for small copy number changes that are undetectable by Prenatal Chromosome Analysis or Postnatal Chromosome Analysis
  • Approximately 500 genes and chromosome regions are evaluated
  • Reliably detects common causes of pregnancy loss including aneuploidy and microdeletion/microduplication syndromes in addition to loss of heterozygosity (LOH).
  • Avoids tissue culture, eliminating the risk for culture failure
  • Maternal cell contamination can usually be ruled out when maternal blood is provided with specimen
  • Balanced chromosome arrangements and low level mosaicism are not detected with this test

Specimen requirements: Test kits are available – please contact the laboratory
Comprehensive results are best achieved when maternal* blood is analyzed in addition to POC tissue

  • Fetal tissue: 1 cm2 in tissue culture media or phosphate buffered saline, or FFPE block
  • Maternal blood* (peripheral): 2 ml maternal blood in sodium heparin tube (green top) 
    *If this patient’s pregnancy resulted from egg donation, send paternal blood and NOT maternal blood
  • Tissue, paraffin embedded: 5-10 dissected cores from selected fetal tissue

Collection Instructions: 

  • Collect products of conception sample.
    Fetal tissue: Collect 1 cm2 fetal tissue sample and place into sterile collection cup containing phosphate buffered saline.  Preferred tissue sample sites include buttocks or thigh.

    • If fetal tissue is not available placental villi can be utilized. Separate villi from maternal blood and deciduas to reduce the chance for maternal cell contamination.
    • Place 1 cm2 placental villi into sterile collection cup containing phosphate buffered saline.
  • If available, draw 2ml maternal blood in sodium heparin tube (green top). Use paternal blood if pregnancy resulted in egg donation.

CPT codes: 81229, 84311

Pricing: Contact the laboratory billing staff for current costs 

Shipping & Handling

Required forms: Pregnancy Loss Test Request Form

Other forms: Request for Pre-Authorization for Genetic Testing (for Pregnancy Loss)

Turn-around time: Results are typically available in 1 week

Additional links: Pregnancy Loss Microarray flyer, Provider Fact Sheet, Patient Fact Sheet

revised: 3-20-13 

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