Specimen Collection and Shipping

Specimen Collection and Shipping


Collect specimen under sterile conditions and maintain at room temperature unless otherwise indicated.

Label specimens with two patient identifiers (patient's full name and date of birth) AND the collection date/time. When labeling, please use indelible ink or gummed labels.


To simplify specimen collection and transport, test kits are provided to our clients upon request at no charge. Kits contain test-specific request forms and specimen collection containers, in addition to pre-paid FedEx© shipping supplies for out-of-area clients.

•       Not all sample types accepted by our laboratory can be transported with a kit.
•       Kits are offered as an added convenience only and are not required to collect and/or transport any specimen.

Available Test Kits:

- Amniotic Fluid

- Pregnancy Loss
- Postnatal Blood

- Male Infertility
- Hematology / Oncology

- Hereditary Cancer
- Paraffin FISH


Complete the appropriate indication-specific test request form available on the forms page. To ensure prompt specimen processing, please provide accurate and complete information, including enlarged copies of insurance cards and prior authorization information if needed.


Transport specimens at room temperature unless otherwise indicated.
•        Shipping during extreme temperatures may require special handling (call for assistance).
•        Specimens cannot be frozen and most specimens must arrive within 24 hours of collection.
•        Specimens accepted on all weekends and holidays.

Within the Omaha/ Council Bluffs Metro Area, call 402-559-5070 to arrange for specimen pickup.

Outside the Omaha/ Council Bluffs Metro Area, fax the completed request form to 402-559-7248 to notify the laboratory of a pending specimen arrival. Please indicate the shipping method and tracking number.

When using any freight company (UPS, Federal Express, etc), the following shipping address should be used.


Human Genetics Laboratory

Zip 5440

UNMC Shipping & Receiving Dock

601 S. Saddle Creek Road

Omaha, NE 68106

    • Saturday delivery MUST be checked when sending FedEx© on Friday.
    • Please include Internal Billing Reference # 3155070600 on the FedEx© airbill.
    • Call to obtain our laboratory’s FedEx© account number.


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