Hattie B. Munroe Foundation

General Purpose and Mission:

Programs and Activities Funded at MMI:

The Hattie B. Munroe Foundation supports multiple programs at the Institute including the following:

  • Augmentative Communication
  • Autism Center
  • Motion Analysis Laboratory
  • Human Genetics Laboratories
  • Recreation Therapy and Camp Munroe
  • Endowed Chair for the Director of MMI
  • Endowed Chair for the Director of Behavioral Research
  • A stipend for a Psychology Doctoral Intern
  • Stipend for a Recreational Therapy Intern

Board Members:

  • Steven McWhorter (President)
  • Nancy Nielsen (Vice President)
  • Merrilee Miller (Secretary)
  • Ron Weber (Treasurer)
  • Ken Bird
  • Phyllis Choat
  • Linda Gardels
  • George Gilmore
  • Carol Russell

For more information about the Hattie B. Munroe Foundation, please contact:
Kim Bainbridge

Toll Free:

(402) 559-5771
(800) 656-3937 ext. 9-5771