Projects evaluated in this area are designed to improve health care services for children and families.

Key components of “Health” evaluations include:

  • qualitative analysis of the collaborative process
  • qualitative analysis of projects’ impact
  • tracking the implementation of courses
  • tracking short and long-term employment impact
    on students and practitioners

Sample “Health” evaluation projects include:

The Heartland Genetics & Newborn Screen Collaborative is a network of representatives (parents, patients, clinicians, researchers, industry representatives and public officials) from eight states. The Collaborative actively engages its partners at a regional and national level to increase access to, and improve the quality of, genetic services in the region.

The Health Care Synergy project is designed to increase the number of students entering into health care professions in south Central Nebraska. A collaborative effort with Central Community College and Southeast Community College, it focuses on integration of simulation technology and technology-based learning.

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