LEND PT Traineeship

The LEND traineeship for physical therapy is a collaborative program between the Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) and the Division of Physical Therapy Education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  Up to two second year PT students will be selected to participate in the traineeship.  The traineeship extends over two years with the first year focusing on the Orientation, part of the Interdisciplinary Practicum and Didactic / Self Study Curriculum components.  The second year includes having the trainees complete a full-time clinical rotation at MMI during which they will complete the remaining portion of the Interdisciplinary Practicum, the Home Discipline Practicum, Projects and Special Activities and Exit Evaluation Activity components of the curriculum.  It is expected that the commitment will be around 300 hours for each of the two years with the bulk of the second year spent on the Home Discipline Practicum during the full-time clinical affiliation.

Training Goals and Objectives:

  • Participation in didactic interdisciplinary educational experiences to prepare trainees for leadership roles that require fact based decision making
  • Demonstration of proficient, culturally competent, family centered clinical skills (both within their home discipline and interdisciplinary) and the application of a variety of methods of effective partnering with other health care providers 
  • Understanding and demonstration of leadership skills by all long term trainees


The trainee responsibilities can be grouped into 5 major categories of activities:

  • Orientation (40 hours)
  • Interdisciplinary Practicum Experience (100 hours)
  • Didactic and Self-Study Curriculum (104 hours)
  • Projects & Special Activities (202 hours)
  • Exit Evaluation Activities (4 hours)

For more information
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