The mission of the MMI Guild is to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities through fundraising for the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute. Over the past 40 –plus years, the major fundraiser for the MMI Guild has been the annual garden walk held in June. Proceeds from that event and others total more than $1 million over the past four decades. These funds that are generated through the Garden Walk are used to help fund programs at the Institute that might otherwise go unfulfilled.

The Munroe-Meyer Guild Garden Walk is held the second Sunday each year.  Tickets sales will be online around the first of May. We are thrilled with the five gardens that we will showcase this year.  Attached are photos of each to give you a glimpse of the unique and beautiful settings. 2014 Gardens

The Munroe-Meyer Guild supports innovative projects and training at the Institute including the following grants awarded in 2013:

  • “Imaris” software for the Developmental Neuroscience Department will be purchased for $23,900.  This software will analyze images of neurons and other cell types in the brain obtained with a confocal microscope.  The software will allow the extraction of high quality data from such images with great resolution and with significant speed. The Developmental Neuroscience Department has four goals: 1) genetic basis of learning disabilities 2) basic mechanism that allow the wiring of the brain 3) how neurons form and maintain connections and 4) how alterations in neuronal architecture contribute to disorders like Alzheimer’s, intellectual disabilities and autism.
  • MMI is currently using a new brain imaging technology called “fNIRS” or functional near infrared spectroscopy.  This technology allows researchers to place fNIRS sensors over the brain to determine brain activity when a child is walking, talking, learning etc.  MMI will focus on studying brain activation changes in children with developmental disabilities who are undergoing speech and physical therapy. This $21,150 grant will be used to purchase head caps for various head sizes from toddlers to young adults and longer cables while accessing participants on treadmills, walking etc.

In addition to the grants, the Guild hosts a brunch for all MMI staff each year.

Officers of Munroe-Meyer Guild:

President – Luann Rabe & Kara Walters
Treasurer – Roxane Clatanoff
Secretary – Linda Bannister

Guild Members:

Kim Bainbridge
Kate Bullerdick              
Kim Falk
Jane Hamer
Barb Herting
Pat Jesse
Cindy Kubat

Sally Lewis
Deb Marasco
Mary McAlpine
Ellen Pandorf Halbur
Shelly Reeder
Deb Timm
Susie Trupp

Friends of the Guild:

Phyllis Choat
Gabe & June Czako        
Kathy Gross
Nancy Haines
Lindsay Huurman
Sue Meyers

Dr. Alan and Karen Richards
Mary Ann Pederson
Carlene Petersen
Sissy Siber
Denise Stange & Jim Olmsted
Wanda Utecht

Former Presidents:

Kim Bainbridge
Deb Marasco
Nina Head
Val Klanderud
Kathy Gross
Paulette Peters
Phyllis Choat

For more information:

Toll Free:

(402) 559-5771
(800) 656-3937 ext. 9-5771
(402) 559-5753