Motion Analysis Lab

We provide diagnostic services for children and adults who have disorders of walking, through our Motion Analysis Lab.  This program is provided in collaboration with the UNMC Department of Orthopedics. Both diagnostic and treatment recommendations are provided.  Examples could include:

  • Motion Analysis Labdesired surgical intervention to improve walking 
  • orthotic (braces) prescription
  • adaptive equipment for walking
  • therapy programming to maximize walking  

Staff includes:

Diagnostic clinical gait studies typically include 3-D kinematics of walking, kinetics, surface or fine wire EMG, a physical exam and biplanar videography. Detailed information is available in the Lab brochure.

Full 3-D gait studies are most commonly indicated where surgical intervention is being considered and requires a referral from a physician.  The focus of the lab is in the area of pediatrics, but adult gait studies can also be performed.

Gait studies with videography and physical exam can also be provided when the primary question is the prescription of adaptive equipment or input for a therapeutic exercise program to improve walking.

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