MS or PhD in Medical Sciences

The UNMC Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area (MSIA) is intended for those who wish to pursue individually designed graduate programs of an interdisciplinary nature within the medical sciences leading to the Master of Science and/or the Doctor of Philosophy degree.  Graduate faculty of the Munroe-Meyer Institute participate in the sponsorship of graduate students in the MSIA program.   For example, individual programs of study may be developed in the following research areas: rehabilitation science, human genetics, neurological sciences, health services research, and others.

Procedures Governing the Admission & Progress of Students in the Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area Graduate Program - MSIA Procedures

Checklist and Timeline for PhD Students in Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area - MSIA PhD Student Checklist

MSIA Course List - Graduate Studies Bulletin

Admission Deadlines:

Fall Semester - June 1
Spring Semester - October 15
Summer Semester - March 1

Students from outside the US are encouraged to apply a minimum 2 months prior to the posted deadline to allow time for processing of foreign application materials.