A child with a feeding disorder typically has difficulties related to eating or drinking. Some children don’t eat anything at all while others eat very little and don’t gain weight or grow. Some children have problems chewing and swallowing while others don’t have a healthy, balanced diet because they will only eat certain foods.

Individualized research and data-driven treatment plans are developed to help each child become an age-typical eater. No two treatment plans are alike. Because parents and caregivers are essential to a child’s success, they are actively involved in the process and practice feeding their children with program-developed treatments. Outcomes are assessed regularly throughout the program. The primary goal of our program is to establish feeding patterns which can be maintained by the caregivers in the home and in other environments.

Treatment at MMI typically results in a high degree of success for children who have feeding disorders. Most children continue to improve post treatment and are ultimately better eaters than their peers without feedings disorders. 


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