About the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders

In 2006 and 2008, renovations were conducted at the MMI to develop and expand space for the CASD, which is presently housed in approximately 9,500 sq ft of specialized training, research, and treatment space.

The behavioral assessment and treatment programs of the CASD include on-site clinical and training programs in:

  • early intervention
  • severe problem behavior
  • pediatric feeding disorders
  • virtual care

The CASD facility consists of:

  • 2 early intervention classrooms for young children with autism
  • 2 indoor playrooms
  • 16 self-contained therapy rooms, 12 of which are equipped with one-way observation windows

The facility is fully equipped with furniture, office equipment, computers, digital audio-visual recording equipment, and an ample support staff.

For more information, go to the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders Department

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Students interested in applying to the PhD program should:
  1. Complete the online application, you will need an NUID and password. Once you sign in, under Term, Program & Plan/Academic Plan, please choose Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area (MSIA). Under Academic Sub-Plan, choose Applied Behavioral Analysis.
  2. Request GRE scores be submitted to UNMC; and request official transcripts be sent to the UNMC Graduate Studies Office. Visit our Admissions page for more details
  3. E-mail Christy Williams your CV
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Autism Spectrum Disorders
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