Prenatal Genetic Clinics

Most babies are born healthy, but for those babies who have a birth defect or genetic condition genetic counselors provide information and support to families. Certified genetic counselors with years of experience are available to meet with patients regarding their concerns during pregnancy. Routine services provided include interpretation of family and medical histories; education on inheritance, testing, resources and management of a birth defect or genetic condition and encouragement of patients to take an active role in their health care.

Prenatal Genetic Clinics offer pre-conceptual counseling, discussion of genetic carrier screening, information regarding prenatal screening for birth defects and chromosome disorders such as Down syndrome, information about genetic risk of recurrent pregnancy loss and family history of birth defects, mental retardation and genetic disease, among other services.

Prenatal genetic counselors often see patients for the following reasons:

  • Abnormal 1st or 2nd trimester screening results
  • Abnormal ultrasound findings
  • Family or pregnancy history of a child with a birth defect or genetic condition
  • Recurrent pregnancy losses
  • Woman's age is 35 or greater at the time of delivery

There are three different clinics in the Omaha area which include a prenatal genetic counselor.

Prenatal Clinic Flyer

Prenatal Clinic Locations
UNMC Olson Women’s Center
for Women's Health

(402) 559-4500

Methodist Perinatology Center
192nd and Dodge
(402) 815-1970