Rural Integrated Psychology Internship Training Grant

PI: Joseph Evans, PhD
Project Title: Rural Integrated Psychology Internship Training: Meeting the MH Needs of Underserved Military and Rural Families
Grant Agency: University, Health Professions
Award: $480,000

This grant is designed to address the crucial shortage of psychologists treating children, adolescents and families in the military and in underserved rural communities. Increasing the numbers of behavioral health providers in rural areas will be accomplished through an expansion of the pre-doctoral internship training program located in the Munroe-Meyer Institute/ University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).

This project will provide training for 18 additional psychology interns, 12 pediatric and family medicine residents, and 24 mental health practitioner (counseling, psychiatric nursing, marriage and family therapy, and social work) students through supervised interdisciplinary training experiences in underserved areas. Interns will participate in rotations in interdisciplinary approaches to working with children and families as well as rotations in primary care settings.