frequently asked questions

Is an interview required?
Yes, applicants can expect an interview with a group of 3-4 residency faculty members either by teleconference (Skype) or in-person. On-site interviews are at applicant’s own expense.

When do interviews occur?
Interviews, by teleconference or on-site, are scheduled on the first Thursday and Friday after March 1st (application deadline).

When does the program begin/end?
The program begins July 1 and ends June 30.

What is a resident’s salary?
A resident is paid about 80% of a new graduate’s salary in a pediatric PT setting (2013 rate: $45,500).

Is tuition required?

Are benefits included?
Yes, benefits include: health insurance, worker’s compensation coverage, 15 days of paid vacation, 12 days of paid sick-leave, and liability insurance (vision, dental and retirement not covered). In addition, residents receive professional growth monies to be applied toward approved continuing education courses or toward fees required for ABPTS clinical examination application.

Is any assistance with ABPTS clinical examination fees provided?
Yes, professional growth monies may be applied toward the application fee. And if residents successfully pass the examination, up to 50% of the examination fee will be reimbursed.

Do I need a car?
Yes. As school-based and early intervention services are provided in the community, travel is required daily and a car is a necessity.

What is the cost of living in Omaha?
Omaha is recognized for being an affordable place to live with a cost of living reported between 7.2 to 11% below the national average. (See Top Ten reasons to live in Omaha)

Is housing available?
MMI/UNMC do not have housing available on-campus for PT residents. Both the UNMC and UNO campus are located near MMI and multiple housing options are available. Apartment prices range from approximately $500/month to $1200/month with an average cost of $650/month. These websites may be useful in locating area housing:

College of Medicine Housing Opportunities
Walkscore (Apartments near the University of Nebraska Medical Center)

If any other questions, contact Sandy Willett or one of our current/previous pediatric residents:

Current resident: Larissa Dias
2013 Graduate: Mary Kaleta
2012 Graduate: Heidi (Strobush) Nelsen
2011 Graduate: Jill (Lindsteadt) Lebsack


For more information
Sandra Willett, PT, MS, PCS
Phone: (402) 559-5719