The Munroe-Meyer Institute Social Work team members provide specific therapeutic interventions targeting social, emotional and behavioral needs of children and young adults with developmental disabilities and intellectual impairments, as well as, youth with mental health needs. The goal of therapeutic support is to empower individuals and families in all aspects of social functioning. Therapeutic services are also designed to restore positive and healthy communication between children and their families, as well as, enhance social skills of young people.

Therapeutic Services

Effective behavioral tools are crucial for individuals who have developmental disabilities and intellectual impairments or those who might have mental health needs. The goal is for children to reach their full potential. The MMI Social Work Department works in partnership with individuals and families to address problems and reach solutions. The interventions utilized are based on sound behavioral principles and include:

1) Emotional Support provides children and families with a nonjudgmental environment to express themselves and helps develop and utilize methods of identifying and expressing emotions in a positive manner.

2) Behavioral Support involves working with children and teens to develop appropriate behaviors at home, school, work and in the community.

3) Transitional Support focuses on assisting teens and young adults and their families in understanding the multifaceted opportunities available as they progress through important transitional times in their lives such as: middle school, high school, forming friendships, dating, and work.



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