R. Tanner Hagelstrom, PhD, MBA, MS, FACMG

Tanner Hagelstrom, PhDR. Tanner Hagelstrom, PhD, MBA, MS, FACMG
Human Genetics Laboratory
Munroe-Meyer Institute
985440 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5440

Phone: (402) 559-3147
E-mail: tanner.hagelstrom@unmc.edu

Professional Summary:

Tanner Hagelstrom, PhD, MBA, FACMG, is an Associate Director of the Human Genetics Laboratory, and an Assistant Professor at the Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation. He is board certified as a Clinical Cytogeneticist and Clinical Molecular Geneticist through the American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG). He is a Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics (FACMG). Dr. Hagelstrom completed his clinical cytogenetics and molecular genetics fellowship at the University of Colorado Anshutz Medical Center (UCAMC).  Before starting the clinical fellowships, he worked at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) in Scottsdale, Arizona where he employed high- throughput siRNA libraries to identify gene sensitizers to current standards of care in several types of cancer.  Dr. Hagelstrom did all of his graduate work (PhD, MBA, MS) at Colorado State University.  His PhD research focused on how various DNA repair genes contributed to genomic instability after exposure to ionizing radiation.  All of Dr. Hagelstrom’s research, in both graduate school and postdoctoral fellowships, led to multiple publications in journals such as PNAS, Oncogene, and Blood.


American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG) Fellowships, 2010-2013
MBA, Colorado State Distance University, 2010
PhD, Cell and Molecular Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2008
Masters in Anatomy and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2003
Bachelors of Biology and Chemistry, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver, CO, 2002

Research Interest and Projects:

  • Dr. Hagelstrom’s interests are focused in areas where cutting edge research can be utilized in a successful, self-sustaining business model.  This interest has led him to the field of clinical diagnostics which is critical for the expansion of the personalized medicine revolution
  • Diagnosis of genetic constitutional syndromes using techniques such as G-banding, FISH, and chromosomal microarray
  • Diagnosis of acquired genetic syndromes, such as cancer, using G-banding, FISH, and chromosomal microarray
  • Learning and developing quality assurance and control programs to ensure high quality testing procedures
  • Experience in finance decisions, including new equipment purchases, marketing campaigns, and quarterly/annual report analysis
  • High-throughput siRNA screen (2 siRNA’s targeting 7,000 genes) Monoclonal Antibody development against potential targets
  • Micro-Array Expression and cGH analysis identifying drug sensitive targets Vivarium experience (mouse injection and harvesting)
  • Molecular biology for target validations
  • Protein expression (in bacterial and mammalian cells)
  • Chromosome Orientation-Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (CO-FISH)
  • FISH and other standard cytogenetic techniques
  • siRNA delivery targeting DNA repair genes

Publications: (within the last 5 years)

  • Tibes RT, Bogenberger JB, Chaudhuri L, Hagelstrom RT, Chow D, Beuchel ME, Gonzales I, Demuth T, Slack J, Mesa RA, Braggio E, Yin HH, Arora S, and Azorsa DO. RNAi Screening of the Kinome with Cytarabine in Leukemia. Blood, 2012.
  • Fragile Sites.  Brenner’s Online Encyclopedia of Genetics 2012.  Book Chapter. R. Tanner Hagelstrom and Karen Swisshelm.
  • Hagelstrom RT, Blagoev KB, Niedernhofer LJ, Goodwin EH, Bailey SM.  Hyper telomere recombination accelerates replicative senescence and may promote premature aging.  PNAS 2010.
  • Shilpi Arora, Irma M Gonzales, R. Tanner Hagelstrom, Ashish Choudhary, Jeffrey A. Kiefer, Javed Khan, Spyro Mousses, and David O. Azorsa, RNAi phenotyping profiling of kinases identifies potential therapeutic targets in Ewing’s sarcoma. Mol Cancer 2009.
  • R. Tanner Hagelstrom, Kristin F. Askin, Abby J. Williams, Lila Ramaiah, Christian Desaintes, Robert L. Ullrich, and Susan M. Bailey. DNA-PKcs and ATM Influence Generation of Ionizing Radiation-Induced Bystander Signals. Oncogene 2008.