Use of Video Modeling for Individuals with Disabilities

PI: Christopher Vatland, PhD
Project Title: Use of Video Modeling with Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities
Grant Agency: DD Council
Award: $10,000

The primary aim of this project is to develop and deliver training that teaches how analyze task and routines then apply video modeling technology to improve performance of those tasks and routines in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The trainings will be oriented toward teachers, supporting professionals, and family members and will build on concepts related to design of instruction in classroom, home, and community settings. The training will distill these concepts into language easily accessible to a variety of participants and will use examples from a variety of applicable settings. There will also be a virtual version of the training that will be recorded with accompanying materials (e.g., printable handouts and exercises) and archived as free webinars for future access and use by parents, educators, and other support staff. These on-line trainings can be used by those new to video modeling and by those who are looking for a refresher course in the use of this technology.