The Department of Neurological Sciences actively participates in Education at every level, increasing knowledge about neurological sciences inside and outside the UNMC campus. On campus our teaching focuses on medical students and resident education.  Outside of campus we participate in educational activities locally, regionally and nationally.  If you are interested on any of our educational programs, please visit the specific webpage, or contact us for more information. Enlisted below you can find some of our programs.

  1. UNMC College of Medicine Medical Students education in Neurology, participating at M2, M3 and M4 level. This includes an M3 and M4 Neurology elective Clerkship and a Neurology Research elective.
  2. Medical Students Neurology Clerkship exchange with other medical schools.
  3. Fully accredited Neurology Residency Program.
  4. Post-Neurology Residency Fellowships.
  5. Continuing Medical Education in Neurology, ensuring up-to-date training for the State of Nebraska providers.
  6. College students summer research projects.
  7. International Students Neurology Observership program.
  8. Community outreach activities.