Adult Gerontological CNS - PMC


Postmaster's Certificate


Adult Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist

Program of study — full time and part-time options    


Plan of study PMC — Adult Geronotological Clinical Nurse Specialist  
Course # Title Credits
VARIOUS *  Graduate Statistics 3
NRSG 602 *  Nursing Scholarship 4
NRSG 603 *  Leadership in Nursing 3
NRSG 604 *  Health Systems Innovation and Improvement 3
NRSG 605  Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nurses I 2
NRSG 606  Applied Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nurses 3
NRSG 607  Advanced Assessment Across the Life Span 3
NRSG 609 *  Health Promotion for Populations 3
NRSG 616  Adult-Gerontology Comprehensive Assessment, Health Promotion and Risk Management 3
NRSG 617  Adult-Gerontology Across the Lifespan I: Common Adult Health Problems 2
NRSG 618  Adult-Gerontology Across the Lifespan II: Acute and Episodic Adult Health Problems 2
NRSG 621  Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist I 3
NRSG 622  Adult-Geriatric Syndromes 2
NRSG 625  Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist II 3
NRSG 626  Adult-Gerontology Transitional Care Across the Lifespan 2
NRSG 629  Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist III 5
  TOTAL for Adult Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist -PMC 47

  *   Clinical didactic courses taken sequentially
**   Clinical practicum courses taken sequentially 

PMC plans of study may vary by student — based on prior MSN courses taken and intended specialty practice. A faculty advisor in your new chosen specialty can provide guidance. For details, talk to a graduate student services representative.